Terms and Conditions



1. JuBalloons begins on site installation /delivery of décor if permitted approved
by the Venue same day of the event. 

2. JuBalloons request client to inform venue staff or management that Set up time of at least 2 hrs is needed 

 3. All props and equipment are the property of JuBalloons and may not taken or sold .  Juballoons will take down balloons and back drop stands /bases next day after the event. Client agrees to pay Juballoons for any missing props such as Backdrop stand and bases.

4. Client will be responsible to take down after the event  ONLY  if not paying the Take Down fee.  

5. JuBalloons ensures proper installation /delivery of the décor and once set up is done and all décor are
in place , JuBalloons will not be responsible for balloons that pop after set up . We will not be
responsible for cleaning up and taking down balloons that float to the ceiling (some exceptions may

6. Balloon decorations are purely for decorative purposes only and JuBalloons will not be liable for any
misuse of balloons. All balloons are weighted down. As a safety issue to prevent power outages, never
release foil balloons up in the air. Un-inflated or broken latex balloons can be a choking hazard to young
children and pets.. Keep these away from them to avoid accidentals suffocations. Adult supervision is

7. JuBalloons cannot assume responsibility on the integrity of decorations placed outdoors during poor
weather conditions (rain, strong winds, snow etc)  

8. CLIENT will be billed for any parking fees in the Venue.


1. Client signed or informed via email JuBalloons the approved quotations
2. A full payment required to book the event and is due upon receipt.   

All payment is non re-fundable. In the event of a cancellation of our service , JuBalloons should be notified at least one week after the
quotation form has been confirmed.  Postponement of booking made less than a week before the scheduled event due to any circumstances , the client will be subjected to 15% charges already incurred by JuBalloons at the time of the postponement. Remaining payment’s can be used for future event.

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